The Aurifex Goldschmiede - about us


Jewellery is something beautiful. Developing and building jewellery is a sensitive process. To do this, we use special fabrics with colour, with shine, mattness or transparency. The selection and composition of the materials to the architecture of the whole piece is creative. That gives us pleasure. Through this process, our jewellery gets a kind of soul of its own. 
We would like to pass on our joy in our work to people in our jewellery. Our jewellery should be as different and as unique as the people who wear it. Then our customers are satisfied and so are we. 
Clemens Leyendecker shows handcrafted jewellery made of precious metals and fine gemstones. The atelier, the Aurifex goldsmiths, has been located in Koblenz on the Rhine for more than 30 years. Unique pieces are made there in traditional goldsmith work.


Clemens Leyendecker's jewellery is predominantly large-scale, with large coloured stones often making a glittering appearance. The architecture of his jewellery can be described as functional and constructive. The new pieces from the Koblenz goldsmith's shop are convincing because of the sensitive interplay between forms and colours of metal, pearls and coloured stones. A lush, splendid but "silent" jewellery that decorates strikingly without being obtrusive.
C. Leyendecker presents his jewellery at international trade fairs and design events as well as at exhibitions, e.g. in galleries for contemporary jewellery and, of course, in his own studio.


Aurifex Goldsmiths' jewellery is all lovingly handcrafted. Every detail receives the same attention and care so that an all-round perfect piece of jewellery can be created. Everything begins with a hand sketch by C.Leyendecker, which clarifies the shapes of the jewellery and the colours of the metals and natural materials.

The next step is to carefully transform the idea into an extraordinary piece of jewellery. This begins with the preparation of the materials right up to the final touches on the surface. 

According to this principle, our unique pieces, small series and customer orders are produced by hand in high quality. 
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